Sioen showroom

Our team

Sioen's multilingual Sioen employees are known for their hands-on mentality. Besides being speed and cost-conscious, they always strive for a customized solution in a helpful and friendly way. Our customers always come first.

Sioen product portfolio

Our large product portfolio

We offer a large range of products, colours and widths. We make your product: any polymer on any carrier, with any coating technology, in any colour or width and in any aspect for all your applications.

Sioen state-of-the-art production plants

Our state-of-the-art production plants

We continue to invest to keep our factories state-of-the art and to offer our customers the competitive advantage of the last technology. Our production plants all operate to the highest quality standards.

Sioen stock quoted

Our financial health

We are part of a strong international stock quoted group, Sioen Industries nv. Our solid structures and sound financial basis make us a reliable partner.

Sioen direct coating

Our service

Speed, performance, diligence and dedication: We can produce products in many ways, in small and large quantities, standard or tailor made, on many machines, 24/7 at your service.

Sioen R&D

Our focus on solutions

Finding your tailored solution is the result of interaction between our customers, our suppliers and our R&D team. Providing you with answers is the first step towards a solution.

Sioen direct coating

Our product quality

• We stand for a high quality level. 
• We continuously invest in new machines and equipment which gives us a competitive edge over the competition. 
• Your feedback is an active source for further fine-tuning our qualities.