Our solutions

We spin the yarn, we weave the fabrics and produce the felt and we treat those fabrics and this felt in turn (coating).

Sioen spinning

SIOEN Fibres is a European-based modern spinning mill producing low and normal shrinkage Polyester High Tenacity yarn in a range from 245dTex to 6600dTex (upto 100.000 dTex) with/without marine-finish, rubber adhesion activator, etc... On demand the yarn can be twisted in our twisting division. SIOEN focuses on added value, with tailored solutions enabling our clients to stay ahead of their competition and protect their knowhow…

Sioen Industries weaving

Sioen has 3 weaving mills in Belgium, in Ardooie, Moeskroen and Kerksken. We use our high tenacity polyester yarn to weave the base material for the coating. Sioen Weaving is capable of converting a wide range of raw materials such as polyester, polyamide, para-aramide, meta- aramide, polypropylene, polyethylene, nomex, and others… Monofilaments, multi-filaments as well as spun fibers and adhesion activated yarns can be applied in counts from 20dTex till 6600dTex, twisted or untwisted.

Sioen non woven fabrics

Sioen is specialized in the production of films and sheets for automotive and industrial sector as well as technical felts and filters.

Sioen coated technical textiles

We make your product: any polymer on any carrier, with any coating technology, in any color or width and in any aspect for all your applications.

Coatex & Saint-Frères Confection focus on finished products, processing coated fabrics and PVC membranes for industrial applications.

Protection through innovation

Innovation starts from a constant desire to be out front, exploring new territories, striking out in new directions.