Coatex focuses on finished products, processing coated fabrics and PVC membranes for industrial applications.


Coatex kadors


Over the years Coatex has built an unquestioned international reputation in kadors. The company offers both a standard range of products as well as appropriate tailor-made solutions for specific situations.

Kadors are used in conjunction with a coated textile and enable the user to slide the textile through a profile.

Coatex cutting and punching

Cutting & punching

Coatex cuts all kinds of technicals textiles. For instance textiles, sheets and foils for car interiors (airbags, door panels, sun visors, etc.)

Coatex lasercutting


Textiles are cut on four high-tech laser cutting machines. They are among the most high performance in their kind in the world. Several layers are cut simultaneously, enabling us to process very large volumes very quickly.

Coatex Siosteel

Siosteel / Coasecure


Siosteel is a composite consisting of a PVC coated steel net and double- side PVC coated polyester fabric, used primarily for intrusion resistant truck and train tarpaulins and side curtains.


Coa-Secure is a comparable alternative to Siosteel offering an enhanced flexibility when opening and closing the side curtain.

Coatex Carapax


Carapax is a revolutionary patented concept

  • It is a composite material which consists of a diagonally woven aramide structure which is welded on the truck roof.
  • Aramide, which has a succesful track record in aeronautics and military applications, is a light yet super strong material and will provide an unmatched restistance for the trailer superstructure.

The Carapax advantages

  • The composite reinforced cover works like a Carapax of a turtle over the trailer top.
  • Complies to the EN 12642 XL regulation.
  • Can be used in conjunction with a sliding roof.
  • Operates quickly and safely: it prevents the driver from climbing onto the roof
  • Maintenance free! No risk for elongation.


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Coatex pond liner


We produce a series of pond liners and sheeting for water reservoirs, used in the construction of recreational ponds and industrial reservoirs, cultivating beds and dams, for customers worldwide.

On our calendering line (calendering is a process where polymers pass under rollers at high temperatures in order to produce (semi)-finished films) we produce pondliners of 0.46, 0.74 and 0.92 mm thick, weighing respectively 635, 1.020 or 1.270 g/m² in a 200 cm width. The other main characteristics are: no fish intoxication and resistance against root penetration.


  • Landscaping
  • Garden ponds
  • Industrial use

Protection through innnovation

Innovation starts with our desire to provide our customers the best product, to discover new things, to be ahead of our competitors.


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