Textiel architectuur

Dare to be different

“No other construction material is offering so much design freedom and countless possibilities as fabrics in architecture.”

Find all the information on how to use the Sioen tensile architecture fabrics here. From tensile architecture design basics to fabric functionalities and cleaning tips. In addition, you will find countless projects and inspirational pictures.

One-Go coating production system

Sioen tensile architecture

Our unique state-of-the-art machinery allows to coat back and front side of the fabrics in one run, avoiding stop-andgo in between the various layering and lacquering processes. Herewith the product is not exposed to unfavorable thermal or mechanical shocks, so that the final product is unbeatable quality wise. The One-Go process provides an extraordinary product stability, flat stretched fabric with better overall distensile properties and short lead times.



Sioen tensile architecture


Full integration and in-house supply-chain control:

All capable resources are vertically fully integrated, making us the only full service provider able to offer the  entire production process in-house. Our own portfolio ranges from chemicals to yarns, raw fabric and pigment pastes to coating and lacquering of technical textiles. Our capability is ensured through 5 coating techniques in 7 coating plants, 3 weaving units and one spinning mill all over Europe.



Some of our realisations