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Rear-ventilated or decorative façade claddings are a reliable solution. Technical textiles may deliver plenty of improvements, from building aesthetic to construction physical characteristics like weather protection, direct sunlight screening and visual sheltering implementation engaging the building value and components lifespan.

Sioen Industries tensile architecture facade


Limitless design possibilities.  Due to the vaster combination of technical textile form-shaping surfaces and almost inexhaustible selection of surface layout possibilities, the tensile facade system provides an extraordinary variety of design possibilities.

Technology unbeatable

Combining lightweight construction and multitasking materials.  Compared to other facade systems, the structural combination of large-span elements and sun/weather protection properties makes this system significantly less susceptible to damages. Thermal, weathering, visual or sound and lightning protection can be incorporated effortlessly, particularly.

Sioen Industries tensile architecture facade
Sioen Industries tensile architecture facade


Unbeatable efficiency throughout the entire lifecycle.  Due to their low footprint impact due to full recyclable materials, their durability and the low maintenance requirements, tensile facades are efficient and sustainable investments.


Cost/ performance steadfastness. Tensile facades offers also a broad spectrum of functionalities ranging from fire resistance to weatherproofing and high energy efficiency. considering performance as these factors contribute to the cost effectiveness of the product.

Sioen Industries tensile architecture facade