Sioen Industries tensile architecture Easyfluo

Easyfluo architectural fabric

  1. Pre -treated base fabric PES high tenacity yarn and stabilised
  2. Double-side PES adhesion impregnation layers
  3. Double-side quality PVC main coating layer pigmented with UV stabilizers, for FR types fire-retardant and flexing additives
  4. Backside acrylic top coat lacquering for good cleaning ability
  5. EASYFLUO light PVDF top coat lacquering layer for implemented cleaning ability, improved UV resistance and perfect weldability

Easyfluo product values

Sioen Industries technical textiles Easyfluo

Technical textiles (or fabrics) for tensile architecture applications are composite products with differing behaviours. Choosing the right product is a matter of defining the various project requirements, including mechanical, physical and aesthetic functionalities. Processing these fabrics to reach the defined results, however, is a matter of know-how. This small wiki will help define the required properties and support the production process.