Ropes & Hoses

High Tenacity and low elongation properties. On request the yarn can be supplied with Adhesion Active finish enhancing rubber adhesion properties. High strength to weight ratios are core values.

Boating/ marine lines, sporting lines, fire fighter hoses, low pressure hoses for residential usage, etcetera

Test conditions
Tenacity, Elongation measured according BISFA International Standard on Textechno, without twist Shrinkage on Testrite: 190°C, 5 minutes with 9 g pretension. Online filamentation quality detection.

Do not hesitate to ask for special counts, characteristics or twist. For the exact technical data and tolerances, the specific data sheets can be provided on request.

Sioen Fibres uses standard tubes with internal diameter of 110 mm, height of 300 mm allowing you to process the yarns at high speeds. Two different pallet types are available: plastic filmed pallet or cardboard boxes. All pallets and intermediate sheets are to be returned to Sioen Fibres.