Sioen woven fabrics for nautic


Sioen Weaving is one of the world's largest producers of sailcloth offering excellent tensile and tear strengths as well as ultraviolet resistant properties. The unique combination with our High Tenacity Polyester mill gives superior quality and logistic performances.

Sioen woven fabrics for automotive

Fabrics and foils for car interior solutions

Sioen woven fabrics for military

Protective and military

Sioen Weaving supplies specific fabrics for protective applications making use of unique raw material sourcing as well as production techniques and testing facilities.

Sioen weaving industrial fabrics

Industrial fabrics

Sioen Weaving produces > 60 million square meters of all kind of technical fabrics such as tarpaulins and truck fabrics, pool fabrics, sign fabrics, textile architecture applications.

Sioen tea bag


Of an entirely different order, but still within the food segment, are the teabags we weave. Our years of weaving experience led to a new approach in the form of pyramid-shaped woven teabags.